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The A70-A75 range is a particular group of multicore cables with solid/ stranded/ flexible conductors and numbered cores for the interconnection of electrical instruments and control equipment in industry and processing plants.

Typical uses are for interconnecting :
  • Electrical measuring devices to instrument panel.
  • Instrument to instrument.
  • Electrical sensing devices.
  • Control cabinets to supervisory consoles and panels.
  • Remote auxiliary contacts to supervisory indicators.
  • Telemeters to recorders and annuuciators and for general transmission of electrical signals in any systems of remote control, indication, telemetering, monitoring and analysis where a rugged communication type cable is required.
Typical wiring systems will use multi-pair cables to connect control room equipment to junction panels in field junction boxes. Single pair cables are used to connect junction panels to field devices.

A70-A75 cables are suitable for use in areas where it is necessary to provide protection from :
  • Interference to the transmission signal by other electrical circuits.
  • Physical damage to the cable by including in the designs various screens and coverings.
These cables are intended for use in instrumentation and control circuits where the normal operating voltages would not be expected to exceed 240 Volts. Rms.